Strategic vet 

Veterinary service

Tailor-made preventive animal health strategy
Routines, instructions and templates
A holistic vet service

A complete veterinary service including a tailor-made preventive strategy for your herd health management.

Rather than to act on symptoms and diseases we work preventively to improve the animal welfare at the farm. Thereby we increase the chances of a more profitable business without unnecessary and costly disruptions in the production. This way we help you take your animal health care efforts to the next level.

After consultation our veterinarians provide you with a strategy, tailor-made for you and your conditions, to achieve long-term results. We compile farm data, evaluate key performance indicators and create both short and long-term solutions to your challenges. In addition to this, we also conduct farm visits and arrange training in order to increase the knowledge at the farm.

Using the Strategic vet solution, you will have less administrative work and better possibility of discovering improvement opportunities. You will also get access to our network of other experts.

Right now our vets are busy, but leave a message below if you are interested.

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