Veterinary student - ambassador

In the spring of 2020, we will start up our new ambassador program with a total of five veterinary students, spread from all year groups.

Agricam's ambassador program is an educational program that will give veterinary students an increased understanding of advanced sensor technology, big data and SOPs in production animals. The participants will be involved and give input on how Agricam can best meet the needs and expectations of future farmers.

Why does Agricam want ambassadors?

Agricam knows the strength of interdisciplinary development, so we see the great benefit in gathering the veterinarians of the future and new knowledge-hungry and curious farmers. We also want to gather a group where you can exchange analyzes, make wise contributions and lead Agricam's technology development forward.

The goal of the ambassador program

  • Increase interest and understanding of sensor technology and PLF among veterinary students aimed at agricultural and production animals.

  • To get input from the group in how Agricam can best develop Swedish agriculture and meet the needs and expectations of farmers and veterinarians.

  • Create clearer roles between veterinarians and farmers.

Every month, the ambassadors meet during a Skype meeting (approximately 1 hour). Each ambassador is responsible for a farm's data collection and analysis under the guidance of Chief Veterinary Officer Johan Waldner. Everything is done under the strictest secrecy. The program includes group work, time for discussions and above all inspiring meetings with other people.


For more information or application, contact ellinor.eineren (a)