Our student ambassadors

Our student ambassadors

Student ambassadors

Agricam's ambassador program is a training program that gives veterinary students an increased understanding of advanced sensor technology, big data and SOPs in production animals.

Why does Agricam want ambassadors?
Agricam is aware of the strength of interdisciplinary development, which is why we see the great benefit of gathering the veterinarians of the future and knowledge thirsty, curious farmers. We also want to create a group where you can exchange analyzes, wise input and lead Agricam's technological development forward.


The goal of the ambassador program:


  • Increase interest and understanding of sensor technology and PLF among veterinary students within agricultural and production animals.

  • To receive input from the group on how Agricam can best develop Swedish agriculture and meet the needs and expectations of farmers and veterinarians.

  • Create clear roles between veterinarians and farmers.

    Apply for Agricam's student ambassador program 2021!

Johan Öhrmalm

Veterinary student


Emma Laufors

Veterinary student


Miranda Blad

Veterinary student