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Läs om styrelsens erfarenheter och hur de ser på Agricam.

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Company background

Agricam is an AgTech company that contributes to sustainable agriculture, healthier animals and reduced antibiotic use. Agricam's main target group is dairy farmers both in Sweden and abroad.
During 2020, Agricam has expanded offering to customers and complemented the company's self-developed sensor technology with strategic veterinary advice and cow care products. Agricam has been conceded research grants of 16 million SEK for the development of two innovative and internationally scalable products and services and awarded the Seal of Excellence from the EU Commission.

Lasse Karlsson

Chairman of the Board

“As Chairman of Agricam, I want to create shareholder value. The goal of reaching a value over 1 billion within 3-4 years does not feel unreasonable. There is a tremendous development power in Agricam and combined with a new thinking about the user perspective when it comes to the development of system support for the future of dairy farming, the conditions are extremely exciting. ”

Board Experience

Lasse Karlsson has long experience in company development and board work since he previously founded and was CEO of IFS AB, Arnek Annonsbyrå AB and LinkTech AB. For many years he has been engaged in the development of new knowledge intensive companies including Briox, TelliQ, Medius, Millnet, Lithium, Dynamic Code and most recently Agricam.

Lena Söderström

Board member

“Agricam focuses on streamlined animal health care - at the forefront in creating comprehensive solutions with the farm in focus. We work preventively with the welfare of the animals, which provides a prosperous production and economy. I look forward to taking part in this journey with the launch of pinoneering products and services that create new values and behaviors that enhance our everyday lives and our society. ”

Board Experience

Lena has thirty years of experience from senior positions in the life science industry. Her experience includes business development, international marketing and manufacturing. She has previously been CEO of Senzime AB, Isconova AB and Kibion AB and is currently a board member of Uppsala universitet Invest AB, Dicot AB , Stockholms handelskammare and Biomedical Bonding AB. Lena is also Chairman of the Board of SLU Holding AB and InficureBio AB.

Jan Nystedt

Board member

“Agricam develops and provides innovative technology solutions to help the farmer make quick and good decisions. We make it easier to detect early symptoms and provides the farmer with action proposals for the animals. By using modern technology, we can reduce the use of antibiotics, keep the production stable and create a better economy for the farmer. "

Board Experience

In the Board's work, Jan contributes with his experience of goal-oriented strategic thinking, change work and various companies' growth journeys, both large and small organizations. Jan currently works as CEO of his own company Nystetds FS AB, where he plays a very active role in professional board work in the Biototal companies, Agricam AB, Vänneberga farm AB and Kretsloppsgården. He is also chairman of Företagarna Söderköping and at other times he is working on building new business for the Biototal Group where he is one of two owners.

Stina Treven

Board member

"It is revolutionary how Agricam through digitalization and new innovative technical solutions gives farmers the opportunity to get fast test results and advice for improved animal health on the farm. Correct, fast and preventive efforts lead to both reduced antibiotic use and reduced costs." 

Board experience

Stina has many years of experience as CEO of entrepreneurial companies in several industries, with a focus on sales, internationalization and digitalization. She has previously been CEO of TrustWeaver, 2Secure and Smoke Free Systems. Today, she shares her experiences from the position of Senior change management leader regarding agile strategy work, as well as through board assignments at Agricam, iSolve and Scandinavian NORR Publishing AB.