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Keep track of the energy balance

with Agricam’s Ketosis-kit!

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 Recommended actions & results in the KetosKoll app
Meter, dipsticks & lancets
Farm-adapted training: Sampling method and strategy
… and for users of the app KetosKoll, the best market price for Bovikalc and Propylene glycol

Did you know that up to 50% of your cows do not produce at their full capacity?

  • Why is it important to measure BHB value?

  • Should I measure in milk and/or with blood?

  • How often should I test?

  • What do I gain from measuring?

We know it can be a bit complicated to implement new things - Book a free demo with us and we will facilitate this and adapt it to your farm!

Avoid ketosis, get healthier cows, and increase the milk yield!



Start measuring quickly and easily by taking milk and/or blood samples with Agricam's ketosis kit


Follow the recommended actions in our app KetosKoll (Bovikalc and Propylene glycol)

Enjoy having cows that both feel and produce better!

We have radically increased the milk yield and health status since last year when, among other things, we started measuring ketosis and changed the feed ration for dry cows and after calving. By detecting and treating ketosis early and increasing the efforts, we have been able to increase the milk by 5 kg per cow and day on average. 

- Hans Cederlöf,


This is how the app works!