SVA's role in the Bacticam project

To ensure that Bacticam's results are of high quality, we use an accredited laboratory* - The National Veterinary Institute (SVA).

Basis for construction of the classifier

  • SVA cultures milk samples and photographs the culture plates in Bacticam which creates a basis for the classifier to train on.


Interpretation of samples

  • A bacteriologist from SVA interprets photographs of the culture plates that the classifier is unable to interpret.

Analysis of cultures

  • When the morphological assessment of the photographed culture plate is not sufficient to determine bacterial growth, the farm sends the culture plate to SVA, which assesses the plate and determines relevant bacteria with maldi-tof.


Manufacture of SELMA PLUS agar petri dishes

  • All agar petri dishes used in Bacticam are manufactured by SVA.


Expert advice

  • SVA provides general expert knowledge regarding mastitis bacteriolog

* For clarification and specification of which analyzes are accredited, contact SVA.

About SVA

The National Veterinary Institute (SVA) is an expert authority with contingency missions. SVA promotes animal and human health, Swedish animal husbandry and our environment through diagnostics, research, preparedness and advice. The authority is under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.