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We have visited Ann Nilsson at Sonarps Lantbruk, who ever since she became a dairy farmer has demanded a faster way to get test results on milk samples. The bacterial classifier Bacticam is the solution she has now had installed on the farm since the beginning of 2020. 

Ann Nilsson Sonarps lantbruk

Ann Nilsson, owner of Sonarps Lantbruk.

SONARP Ann Nilsson owns and runs the dairy farm Sonarps Lantbruk together with her husband Jonas and son Filip. They have a herd of just over 100 dairy cows and milk in a robot. At Sonarps Lantbruk, breeding is a big interest and they have many reputable cows.


Nice to be here! How did you get started with Bacticam?

We have talked to Agricam at various fairs and a solution like Bacticam is something we have been asking for all along as we have been dairy farmers: to be able to take a milk sample, grow it and get an answer without having to get a veterinarian on the farm, who both cost quite a lot of money and take time. With Bacticam it goes much faster!


What is the biggest benefit of Bacticam?

That regardless of the day of the week and time of day, we can take a milk sample and put it here and get a quick answer without mail.

Bacticam is something we have been asking for all along that we have been doing with milk production. The advantage is that we can take the milk sample and grow it ourselves. Regardless of the day of the week and time of day, we get a quick answer. 


What was it like to get started with Bacticam?

We received a good introductory course and good instructions on how to use it. Then we have the opportunity to constantly ask questions if we encounter problems or need an update on how it is we should do

Mjölkko Sonarps Lantbruk

One of Sonarp's happy cows!

Check out the video from when we were visiting Ann!

Sonarps Lantbruk is tired of unsafe mail and slow test results. Do you feel the same?