Ideal to combine with Glycerol and Bovikalc

The app-based ketosis meter

Improve the conditions for your cows and provide the very best start after calving with KetosKoll.

Measuring the nutritional balance with a ketosis meter gives an early signal if the cow is lagging in nutritional balance, even before she shows any problems. By this, you can help her catch up and avoid problems in the future. The app compiles values from several cows to get a grip on how well the cows have coped through the sensitive period around calving. The app also creates recommended actions so you can at an early stage change the cows’ conditions around the time of calving.

✓ See recommended actions for the cows directly in the app 

✓ Discover problems before the cow shows any problems

✓ Easy to use


KetosKoll app
PortaBHB ketone test
Bacticam prototyp


Fast test results on milk samples - without leaving the farm!

Take milk samples, cultivate on your farm and get a result within 24 hours. Using a mobile camera and machine learning Bacticam identifies milk bacteria. 

✓ A tailormade and preventive strategy for the animal health on your farm
​✓ Routines, instructions & templates facilitating an efficient handling of risk animals
​✓ A comprehensive overall concept


"With Bacticam the response time for the tests is much shorter and therefore we can use the right treatment.”

Thermal camera

Agricam's thermal camera system automatically analyses the udder health prior to milking. The system identifies early cases of clinical mastitis, up to four days before outbreak, by identifying deviant temperatures in the udder.

Alarms are automatically sent to the milking parlor so that the cow can be treated in a natural way with liniment instead of with antibiotics. Diseases are prevented and the production is kept intact.

✓ Up to 50% fewer clinical mastitis

✓ Up to 10% increased milk yield

✓ Up to 30% reduced cell count

Värmekamerasystem Agricam

Below shows how the thermal cameras can be placed