Miranda Blad

"With Agricam's aggregerad data, the veterinarian can skip the basic work."

Recently, Agricam expanded the team with another student ambassador from SLU - Miranda Blad! A happy veterinary student who loves kayaking and hanging out in the nature. We discuss the student ambassadorship, digital solutions, the future and of course everyone's favorite topic - cows!


Thomas Manske

"Systematic testing of fresh cows' energy and calcium balance can show how the herd’s "wellbeing"… (as) 50-70% of all cows may have some form of health or production disorder around calving, visible or not."

Information on the energy balance of cows in calving - "monitoring of ketosis" - should form the basis for advice on morbidity and suboptimal production in early lactation. That should also be the basis for monitoring the care, feeding, and housing of dry cows to prevent excessive negative energy balance and to show that the improvement work gives results for the herd!

Jesper Ordell

"For you as a veterinarian, Bacticam is a great opportunity!"

Bacticam is not a threat but a great opportunity for you who are a veterinarian says Jesper Ordell, veterinarian. Read more about his view on the technology that Agricam is developing.

Josefin Andersson

"During my vet. studies, I cultivated bacteria about 15 times - Agricam's classifier has trained a lot more, 24 000 times. The more it is trained, the smarter it becomes."

Now Josefin’s career as a newly graduated veterinarian begins and she tells us how Agricam's solutions will facilitate her work, and about her love of cows.