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Grönt Centrum on Lövsta first on Gotland with new technology

Chief instructor Hanna Cederlund talks about Bacticam and new technology in an interview with P4 Gotland Swedish Radio .

Make sensor technology a part of your training programs

We at Agricam believe that the technical solutions of the future should be shaped and developed together with innovative schools and colleges and curious students.

Objectives of our collaborations:

  • For students, increase interest and the understanding of sensor technology and PLF with focus on farm- and production animals.

  • For teachers, simplify teaching with digital aids and enthuse students by presenting concrete connections between practice and theory.

At present, we offer courses and certifications in:

  • ViLA (Conditional drug use)

  • Mastitis bacteriology

  • Nutritional balance

Agricam provides an E-learning platform and can tailor digital as well as physical education packages and courses for instructors, teachers and students.

Schools that have our products & services:

Grönt centrum logotyp
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