“Join – Bacticam is an important part of the development in agriculture"

The farm in Dala-Järna has now been working with Bacticam for a few months and the team has a lot to share.

Lantbruket i Duvered

” If we take care of the cows, they will take care of us"

Berith has several simple tips on how you can drastically improve animal health and production per cow. And of course, also wishes to share why she appreciates Bacticam.



"Before, I didn’t have time for udder health work. But now, it's just a matter of finding the cow, taking a milk sample, apply it on an agar plate, done!"

With the help of the bacterial classifier Bacticam Emma is well on her way to fulfill her goal of getting a better idea of ​​which bacteria cause what, how they spread and how she can best counteract them.


Sonarps Lantbruk

"No more waiting – test results without having to wait for snail mail!"

We have visited Ann Nilsson at Sonarps Lantbruk who, ever since she became a dairy farmer, has asked for a faster way to get sample answers on milk samples. The bacterial classifier Bacticam is the solution!


Vadsbo Mjölk

"With Agricam's system we halved the number of mastitis during the first year while also reducing antibiotic use."

Since 2013, the large farm Vadsbo Milk has monitored the udder health using Agricam's thermal camera system. Henrik, the foreman at Vadsbo Mjölk, welcomes the continued digitization. The farm is part of the VetLink project and has both Agricam's thermal camera system and Bacticam installed.


"Above all, I think I‘ll get faster test results as I can do everything myself."

The biggest advantage Cilla Engström at Färanäs sees with the bacterial classifier Bacticam is to avoid the mail passage and get faster test answers. Read more about how she plans to work with Bacticam on her farm.


Womtorp Lantbruk

“Exiting, new and innovative!”

Christina Winblad, one of the owners of Womtorp Lantbruk & Entreprenad is one of the first to install our prototype of the bacterial classifier Bacticam on the farm. In this customer story she shares her expectations and thoughts!



"It turned out that the heifers calving the first time are better off by at first being allowed to be with the older VIP group where the distance to the bunk space is shorter."

By measuring the nutritional balance of the newly calved, the German farm identified new important insights on the energy supply of the first calves. With the new insight, the farm reduced its early ketoses to almost none by making any changes!