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Ideal to combine with KetosKoll


Make good cows better!

Prevent calving paralysis and hypocalcaemia (subclinical calving paralysis) with BOVIKALC® – a calcium supplement with prolonged effect. Give primarily to second-calf heifers and older.

✓ Reduces calving paralysis
✓ Scientifically proven effect
✓ The bolus is easy to use

Recommended dosage:

All second calf heifers and older

2 boli:

  • 1st When the cow is signaling that she is preparing to give birth OR directly after calving

  •  2nd 12-24h after calving

Lame, fat or having had calving paralysis before
4 boli:

  • 1st When the cow is signaling that she is preparing to give birth

  • 2nd Directly after calving

  • 3rd 12-15h after calving

  • 4th 24-30h after calving

The two challenges in the cow’s year – How to avoid ketosis and lack of calcium?

See Thomas Manske’s talk (Available on the swedish site only)



Powerful without drying out the udder skin

Specially developed liniment that stimulates the blood circulation while softening and moisturizing. Despite its powerful effect the liniment is kind to the skin and does not dry out the udder. Easy to applicate and creates a protective film. 

✓ Active for 48 hours

✓ Maximizes the blood circulation

✓ Powerful & kind to the udder

Teat spray

Bactericidal and emollient two-part teat spray. Makes the teats flexible and prevents wounds and cracks that increase the risk of mastitis. The spray has a clear color that makes it easy to tell that the teat is fully covered.

The two-part teat spray is superior to iodine-based sprays. The ingredients become active when the two parts are mixed.

✓ Powerful properties against bacteria

✓ Makes the teats soft and smidiga

✓ Prevents wounds and cracks that increase the risk of mastitis


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