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Lecture with Per Frankelius

The way forward: Tradition,
imitation or innovation?

By Frankelius

Process leader in Agtech 2030 and associate professor at Linköping University

Exciting lecture from Agricam's co-conference 2020!


Agriculture is entering a new era and we can choose to contribute to the development or just note all the exciting things that are happening around us. We see in the crystal ball both opportunities and challenges for agriculture. A general question is what is best to invest in to meet the challenges or take advantage of the opportunities. Is it refined tradition that is the way forward, ie. to increase the quality of what we already do? Maybe we should invest in imitation because there is so much interesting to be inspired by in the outside world. Or is it even innovation that is the way forward? If the latter is the case, then what are the success factors and stumbling blocks? What role do innovators play? The users? The legislation? Public opinion. Yes let's discuss it!

The lecture is free.

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