Master thesis - Lightning controller

You who are looking for a project for your Master thesis in the spring and want to use your technical knowledge to make a product smarter and at the same time contribute to a sustainable agriculture - look here!

Examples of suitable programme at LiU: Y, D, ED

Last day of application: October 31

What we do

Technology in agriculture has during the recent years gone from classical farming equipment to digital systems for monitoring, collecting data and optimizing different processes, it's referred to as ”Agtech”. 

Agricam offers analytical services and products to improve the animal health, increase the production and to reduce the use of antibiotics at dairy farms. The products and services Agricam offer are sorted into three categories: strategic veterinary service, sensors and cow care. They complement each other and create a holistic approach to animal health in order to create long-term results, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


One of our products is Bacticam - a mini laboratory that is operated directly by the farmer. By both cultivating and analysing bacteria on farm by an AI system lead time is shortened compared to conventional methods. Shorter lead times lead to better animal health, decreased use of antibiotics and increased production capacity. Bacticam analyses bacteria’s by registering a cultivation in a mobile app and then taking photos of this cultivation with predetermined intervals and in different lightning scenarios. Predetermined intervals and different lightning scenarios are necessary to achieve good conditions for analysing both automatically and manually. 

Registration and photographing are done with an Android based cell phone. Lightning is controlled by switches operated by user and by app that informs user to change lightning scenario. Desirable is to have lightning controlled automatically to minimize manual work when operating Bacticam. By controlling lightning automatically manual suboperations is reduced and chance of photo being taken with wrong lightning scenario is minimized. 

Assignment description
This thesis aims to investigate different possibilities for controlling lightning automatically. Controlling lightning can be done by charge cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Controlling lightning by mobile app and setting up different time and lightning scenarios in mobile app needs to be possible.

Today the lightning setting is controlled by a manual switch (state A and state B in the picture).

Here is a video:

Your assignment:

  • Investigate different options for controlling lightning.

  • Investigate communication between mobile app and lightning controller.

  • Specify demands for lightning controller electronics.

  • Build a prototype and deliver and proposal for controlling lightning by programming in the mobile app (in Java).

  • Compile project documentation and write thesis rapport.

  • Proposal for future work.


If you have any questions or wish to apply please contact erika.anderskar(a)

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