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- A complete lab containing heating cabinets, photo studio and all the materials needed to get started.

Education [ at the price of 1500 EUR included! ]

- An individually tailored online education about udder health, bacteria and bacterial culture.


- A smartphone to be able to register samples and follow up results.

Bacterial analysis and recommended action are sold separately

Quick test results on milk samples - without leaving the farm!

A development project, analysis by SVA.

What do our customers think?

Ann Nilsson

Sonarps Lantbruk

Regardless of the day of the week and time of day, we get a quick answer!

Christina Winblad

Womtorp Lantbruk & Entreprenad

With Bacticam, we get a much shorter response time to the samples so that we can do the right treatments faster.  

Dina uppgifter

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4975 EUR

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