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Take milk samples and cultivate directly at the farm. Bacticam identify bacterias within 24 hours after the incubation.


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Regardless of the day of the week and time of day, we get a quick answer!

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With Bacticam, we get a much shorter response time to the samples so that we can do the right treatments faster.  

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Identifies bacteria quickly to keep the production intact

We are developing an AI with the goal to identify the most common bacteria on the farm by analyzing images. All you have to do is cultivate and take photos of the milk. Within 24 hours you get a result and the chance of the cow recovering increases because the right treatment can be started in time. With an innovative app, the test results are logged so that you and your veterinarian can see patterns in the bacterial distribution at both herd and individual level. You also avoid unnecessary waiting that allow the cows to return to production as soon as possible after illness.

To ensure that Bacticam's results are of high quality, we use an accredited laboratory. Read more 

Reduce lead time & get faster results 

Overview of bacteria

on both crew

and individual level

Control over the entire process from sampling to healthy cow

Several uses


There are several reasons to take bacteriological samples on the milk from a cow. Including acquiring knowledge about how to treat a sick cow, estimate the cow's contagiousness and whether or not to treat the cow druing the dry period. The different reasons are divided into four different categories:


Clinical mastitis


After calving


Dry preiod


High cell count

Development project with support from EU 

Bacticam is a development project with support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.