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Streamlined animal health care, sensor technology and veterinary expertise so farmers can increase profitability and reduce usage of antibiotics.

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Agricam on tour

We think you are curious to see our products & services that facilitate working with preventive animal health care!
With our "car on tour" we can drop by in December / January, or indeed meet online. 

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Bacticam identify bacterias quickly to keep the production intact

In collaboration with the Swedish National Veterinary Institute and with support from EIP-Agri we develop a bacteria classifier. Take milk samples and cultivate directly at the farm. Bacticam identify bacterias within 24 hours after the incubation.




Starter kit

✓ Recommended actions & results in the KetosKoll app
✓ Ketone meter, test strips & lancets
✓ Tips on sampling

Why Agricam?

Streamlined herd health management

We take a holistic approach to animal health on your farm by working preventively and following up on results so you can deal with the problems - before they occur!

Reduced costs

By ensuring cattle well-being on your farm, you avoid costly production losses and unnecessary medical and veterinary costs.

Increased production

With senior veterinary expertise as well as newly developed easy-to-use products, we help you increase the production.

Products & Services

Cow care

Specially developed products to  take care of the udder health of your cows.


We offer several sensors that make it easier to work with preventive animal health care.

Strategic vet

A complete veterinary service including a tailor-made preventive strategy for your herd health management.

How does it work?

Follow up your results
Get advice from a strategic vet
Collect animal data through our sensors
Prevent diseases
with cow care products
Increase productivity

What do our clients think?

Cilla Engström
"The biggest advantage is that the postage is skipped as I can cultivate the milk sample myself."

- about Bacticam

Magdalena Gustafsson
"We have reduced the early ketosis to almost none!"

-about the blood ketone test

Henrik Larsson
”It is more fun to milk a healthy cow than to treat a sick one.”

           - about the thermal camera

Eva Olsson
Bergs Säteri
”The cell count decreases, and with that the milk yield increases”

-about the liniment

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